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<< ...The people of today is standing right in front of complex situations where it's hard to find any references in their acquired knowledges; so they must design by themselves their own conceptual frames which can provide them with new, technical, economic, social and productive solutions.... We feel the need of a new "conceptual paradigm" which will let the integration of art, culture and science in a new general dimension of thought, in which we find a great potentiality to contribute to the reconstruction of a "New Renaissance" socio-cultural enviroment, and in such an environment, "case-studies", the modern people like us, will really be able to express our own creativity and ourselves... >>

(R. Saldarelli - "La Bottega del 2000" - at the Conference on Information Technologies in Visual Arts - Florence, 1994).


The project "BOTTEGA del 2000" , is the fruit ripened over 20 years of experiences, elaborations and insights, in artistic, educational and researching activities. It will focus on the full partecipation in the irreversible process of communication, through its realization as aSpecialized Information Point.

This project, through practicing, documentation, promotion of Art, aims at providing contribution to the re-establishment the sound relationship beetween people of different cultural, ethnic, religious, and professional background in our global community. Even though they are separated by its diverging socio-economic, and information systems, people will be able to communicate, get to know each other and share their experiences through the varied, yet universal, languages of Art.